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bakingCalling all bakers!

Why do you enjoy baking? Maybe it’s the smell that radiates through the house or the magic of seeing bread dough puffing up in the oven. Maybe it’s the look on a loved one’s face as you feed them your handiwork. Home baking has undergone a revival in the last few years as we all know how much healthier (and economical) a home-baked cookie or muffin can be.

Many of these baked goods are vegan, and allergy/intolerance friendly (or can be made that way) and are made using a variety of wholegrain or grain-free flours and unrefined sweeteners.

A party without a cake is just a meeting..Julia Child

 All recipes specify their suitability for different dietary needs.

DF = dairy free    EF = egg free    GF = gluten (and wheat) free    GrF = grain free  NF = nut free
SF = soy free    WF = wheat free   Veg = vegetarian    V = vegan   Raw = raw food
An asterisk (e.g.GF) denotes recipe can be suitable for dietary needs with some substitution.

Bars & Slices










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