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Mission Statement

Om Nom Ally is a wholefood recipe blog utilising a range of nutrient-rich ingredients and written with the aim of increasing food-based health knowledge. By promoting real food recipes, holistic natural remedies and naturopathic medicine, this blog encourages self-sufficiency for our health to achieve an increased sense of wellbeing for life.



I’m Alison Murray (Ally), a naturopath-in-training living in Melbourne, Australia.

Like most of you, I’ve have had a long health journey, with a wholefood diet being the most important tool in my recovery and continued happiness in life. As well as being a real food advocate, I’m a Spiritual Healer, a bibliophile and book worm and I plan my life around making simple and delicious recipes that nourish my body and soul.

My health history is a long one and I have used naturopathic health principles and real food in my journey to overcome major depression, anxiety, stress-related anorexia and hyperthyroidism. I continue to follow these principles currently for aiding weightloss and for eradicating symptoms of autoimmunity.

Wholefood Recipes

The recipes featured on Om Nom Ally are a return to simple and clean wholefood eating. Focused on food that doesn’t come wrapped up in a box, the majority of ingredients here have fallen off a tree or been pulled up from the soil. This website is all about Real Food recipes and Unreal Health benefits.

The recipes on this blog are also very flexible as I appreciate that we don’t all eat the same diets, either by choice or necessity. The number of people with allergies or food intolerances is increasing, as is the movement towards a primarily plant-based diet. The recipes featured cater to multiple food allergies/intolerances and many are vegan, vegetarian, raw or paleo. Recipes may also feature substitution guidelines for different dietary needs because I want you to be able to enjoy delicious, healthy food!

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What’s this Om Nom business?

That would be the greatest meme of all time (in my opinion), with the word ‘nom’ featuring in my own vocabulary a lot. The title of this blog is appropriated from the famous words uttered by the Cookie Monster and it refers to my love of amazing and delectable food… and cookies.

What are you? Vegan? Vegetarian? Paleo? Sugar-free?

I follow the JERF diet (Just Eat Real Food). I eat from all (whole)food groups and my passion is for sustainable, local, slow, from-scratch food including fermented foods, organic/biodynamic animal products, whole grains and pseudograins, soaked and sprouted nuts and seeds as well as lots of different types of fruit and vegetables.

The only specific foods I don’t eat include vegetable oils (other than extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil) and hydrogenated fats, any non-fermented soy products, refined sugars, or food with artificial colours or flavours. These are my own personal dietary values, forged through my naturopathic/nutritional studies, my own personal health history and my intuition about my own individual needs.

I do however appreciate and respect your dietary choices and needs, so where possible I try to make each recipe appeal to a number of dietary patterns or restrictions. All recipes are labeled with their suitability.

Why do you label your spelt recipes as being wheat-free?

In Australia, spelt is regarded as being wheat-free and is often sold as a wheat-alternative, as spelt and wheat are distinctly different species within the Triticum genus (Triticum spelta and Triticum aestivum). This is also true of khorasan (Triticum turanicum) as it is also a plant in the wheat genus (Triticum) but it is not wheat.

While the difference in molecular make-up and easier solubility of proteins in spelt means it may be easier for humans to digest than wheat, it does however contain gluten and is not suitable for anyone with a gluten intolerance or Coeliac disease.

Can you provide all your recipes in US Customary Measurements for me?

Nope, sorry! I know some basic measurements off by heart but I don’t have time to convert everything on the fly when I post a recipe. Please use your favourite conversion tool or chart for the most accurate cooking results – I find this one incredibly detailed and helpful.

Can I reprint a whole recipe on my blog?

Nope again! You may use one of my images as long as your provide correct copyright information and a direct link is given back to the source information. Recipes may be reprinted if you make significant changes to my recipe AND you link directly back to the source information. No other permissions to use my images or text (including recipes) are given.

What is Om Nom Ally’s comment policy?

I do not tolerate trolling behaviours, blatant meanness, disrespect or hostility to others (including myself). I have a zero tolerance policy in regards to these negative behaviours and will delete any offending comments or social media correspondence.  For any deleted correspondence from this site I ensure that I contact you privately regarding the inappropriateness in the hopes of personally working out any issues entailed.

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Disclosure Policy

All photography, text and reviews posted on Om Nom Ally are genuine and are copyright of Alison Murray. This is a personal blog, written and maintained by Alison Murray; I can be contacted here. Photos, text or reviews are not provided by any other individuals, companies or firms (unless specified and attributed).  All posts are copy-right protected, if you wish to repost any information or photos please contact me prior to their use. Please feel free however to add any posts to your Pinterest page, Facebook wall or with a Tweet – sharing is caring!

While Om Nom Ally is not a financially driven blog, there are sometimes affiliate links displayed for products I have sincerely enjoyed. All advertising in the header and sidebar areas of the website are in the form of advertisements generated by a third party ad network or affiliate links to products I have personally researched or trialed. While the affiliate links posted are of my choosing, the third party advertisements may vary depending on the region in which you reside and your individual browsing habits; I am unable to monitor these ads. I receive nominal compensation when any of these links are clicked. If you find a particularly offensive or inappropriate ad, please contact me with the target URL and I will have it blocked from appearing.

I sometimes undertake unpaid or paid promotion of companies or products and am happy to review products sent to me, but I will not undertake any promotion or reviews unless the subject matter is beneficial or useful to my readers. It will always be disclosed if I am completeling a review or promotion on behalf of another party and the sponsor will be clearly identified. While completing a review, it is not influenced by advertisers, affiliates, public relation firms, brands, or other individuals unless otherwise noted. I never accept or post a review if I am not happy with the subject matter or believe it is unsuitable  for the overall readership of the blog. For more information click here.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

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