10 Bargain Kindle Health Books Under 3 Dollars Each

10 Kindle Health Books For Under $3 Each

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What’s better than getting Amazon vouchers for your birthday? Finding out lots of books you’ve had your eyes on are on super sale! This is a spontaneous list of Kindle books I’ve just found on Amazon – including books for food culturing, gut health, clean eating and home herbal medicine. Some I already own, but most I’ve been lusting after …

How (I Failed) to Make Mint Extract @OmNomAlly | "This is supposed to be easy, right?"

How (I Failed) To Make Mint Extract

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Making flavouring extracts is supposed to be insanely easy, yet I’ve just wasted experimented with 2 bottles of vodka making mint extract recently. It all started out well enough – I read a few blogs, gathered my ingredients and got about infusing my vodka. It’s easy stuff in theory, bruise a whole lot of fresh mint leaves to release those delightful oils, pack into …

50 Sources of Plant-Based Ptotein (No Meat Required)!

50 Sources of Plant Based Protein (NO Meat Necessary)

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  What content do you ‘Pin’ most frequently on Pinterest? While mine is mostly a mish mash of thousands of catagorised real food recipes and natural health tips, it’s also the health infographics that I spend time actively searching for and ‘Pinning’. The image in this post is exactly the kind of infographic I’m talking about and I was was keen as mustard …

9 Energy Balls To Get In Your Gob @OmNomAlly

9 Energy Balls You Need To Get In Your Gob

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Why Should You Eat Energy Balls? Call them what you may – energy ball, bliss ball, protein ball, power orb, energy bite – these wholefood nut, seed and fruit snacks are a great choice for on-the-go snacking or a healthier after dinner delight. Whether you’re after an afternoon pick-me-up or some pre or post-workout fuel, everyone loves to chow down on a …

The Wholefood Blender Party – Blenderpalooza

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Over a period of several months, I have been introduced to some of the most delicious, inventive and simply amazing wholefood beverage recipes of my life! The Wholefood Blender Party has been my labour of love and to have met so many food bloggers and readers with the same passion for real food makes me feel very grateful. I’m so happy to …

Natural Pest Control for Ants | Om Nom Ally

Three Natural Pest Control Methods for Ants

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An ant every now and then doesn’t bother me, but this year it’s been horrendous. Even keeping every surface spotless of crumbs hasn’t deterred a steady stream of ants this summer, I’d wake up to an army of ants marching along my kitchen bench. Destroying the nests outside with a jug of boiling water would do the trick for a …