Homemade Restless Leg Spray + How to Make Magnesium Oil @OmNomAlly

Homemade Restless Leg Spray + How To Make Magnesium Oil

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Get ready to make this homemade restless leg spray – AKA liquid gold for anyone plagued by this painful, uncomfortable and exhausting condition! I experience the frustrating sensations, lack of sleep and obsessive leg fidgeting of restless leg syndrome from time-to-time (as a concomitant symptom to my autoimmune condition) and this spray has become a ‘must-have’ in my medicine cabinet. I’ve been talking about it at work …

Natural Pest Control for Ants | Om Nom Ally

Three Natural Pest Control Methods for Ants

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An ant every now and then doesn’t bother me, but this year it’s been horrendous. Even keeping every surface spotless of crumbs hasn’t deterred a steady stream of ants this summer, I’d wake up to an army of ants marching along my kitchen bench. Destroying the nests outside with a jug of boiling water would do the trick for a …

(No More) Back Pain Aromatherapy Bath Salts @OmNomAlly Use this selection of anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic essential oils in your Epsom salts for a brilliant home remedy for back pain, cramping or tired, sore muscles.

(No More) Back Pain Aromatherapy Bath Salts

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If you’ve caught me on Facebook or Instagram this week, you’ve been hearing all about how I hurt my back this past Monday. While normally I pride myself on being able to lug around 20kg boxes of carrots during our vegie delivery at work… I’m apparently notsuperwoman. An accidental nudge from a coworker at an inopportune moment is all it …