Product Review - Enjo Cleaning Products

Product Review: Enjo Kitchen Care

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As a huge proponent of natural and homemade wellness products, the dangerous chemicals in many household cleaning products are very concerning to me. I’ve often seen advertisements for Enjo products advertised, but never really knew what they were (me: “It’s just a cleaning cloth, right?”). I was approached recently with the offer to try out their exciting Kitchen Care range …

Natural Pest Control for Ants | Om Nom Ally

Three Natural Pest Control Methods for Ants

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An ant every now and then doesn’t bother me, but this year it’s been horrendous. Even keeping every surface spotless of crumbs hasn’t deterred a steady stream of ants this summer, I’d wake up to an army of ants marching along my kitchen bench. Destroying the nests outside with a jug of boiling water would do the trick for a …