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ATTN: The Wholefood Blender Party Has Ended

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So, what’s happened? It hasn’t been an easy decision, but for the foreseeable future the Wholefood Blender Party has unfortunately been benched. Mostly I haven’t been able to put in the effort and time the party needed to maintain momentum and interest. Feel free to blame full-time work and my desire to study a few different health related fields at the same …

Creamy Kiwi Apple Smoothie | Om Nom Ally

Creamy Kiwi Apple Smoothie

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Can I just say how marvelous it is to be back in the food blogging world? I’ve had so many people reach out the past week, and don’t worry, I missed you all too. We’re back today for another fabulous Wholefood Blender Party, and I can’t wait to see what wonderful wholefood drinks you’ve been enjoying lately! Feel free to post …

The Wholefood Blender Party – Blenderpalooza

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Over a period of several months, I have been introduced to some of the most delicious, inventive and simply amazing wholefood beverage recipes of my life! The Wholefood Blender Party has been my labour of love and to have met so many food bloggers and readers with the same passion for real food makes me feel very grateful. I’m so happy to …

Green Cacao EFA Bomb Smoothie - Om Nom Ally

Green EFA Cacao Bomb

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I’ve just mentioned in my other post that I’ve been away from blogging for three months. There’s been no recipes, no health advice and no blender parties for that long – did you miss it all as much as I did? A lot of hard decisions (and hard work) have occurred lately, and to allow me to bring more varied …

Grape Chia Jelly Shots @OmNomAlly

Grape Chia Jelly Shots

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I’ve been scambling to finish off multiple subjects this week, as the rollover for my new Naturopathy course starts next week and I want as much course credit as possible. And how’s that going, you might ask. My brain feels like mush. Since I haven’t been feeling too inspired in the kitchen with the pressure, I’ve been looking forward to …

Super Berry Protein Shake @OmNomAlly

Super Berry Protein Shake

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My sincere apologies for the cancellation of last week’s Blender Party everyone. For reasons out of my control I wasn’t going to be able to fully manage the party last week and felt it was best to give you all my full attention this week instead. Without further ado, lets light up the sparklers and throw the streamers around to …