Product Review: Norbu Natural Sweetener + Raspberry Oatbran Cookies @OmNomAlly | With a delightful burst of lemon zest to highlight the tart berry flavour, these Raspberry Oatbran Cookies are sweet and chewy, soft and crunchy all at once.

Product Review: Norbu Natural Sweetener + Raspberry Oatbran Cookies

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I have been lusting over these Rasperry Oatmeal Cookies by Amy’s Healthy Baking for days now. There’s still an abundance of raspberries from my pick-your-own adventures in the freezer and I’m a getting little bored of raspberry smoothies every morning. A girl needs some fresh ideas now and then! I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to whip out a new cookie recipe …

Muddled Mixed Berry & Lime Popsicles @OmNomAlly

Muddled Mixed Berry & Lime Popsicles

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I’ve chosen to be in denial regarding the abrupt end to summer ten days ago. It may be March now and I may have already taken my winter coat our of the wardrobe last week, but I’m desperately clinging to the belief that the  Melbourne still has a few warm days up it’s hat. I’m not ready for the bone-chilling winds …

Super Berry Protein Shake @OmNomAlly

Super Berry Protein Shake

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My sincere apologies for the cancellation of last week’s Blender Party everyone. For reasons out of my control I wasn’t going to be able to fully manage the party last week and felt it was best to give you all my full attention this week instead. Without further ado, lets light up the sparklers and throw the streamers around to …

Raspberry Fermented Kombucha Soda - Om Nom Ally

Raspberry Fermented Kombucha Soda

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Featured Links | Guidelines | Links + Add Your Own | Ally’s Smoothie OTW It’s been very quiet in the blogging world and on social media this week, I’m guessing it’s because all my American friends have headed home to spend time with family on Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to hear about how you all spent your time and what delicious food you ate! I enjoyed …

Raspberry and Peach Refresher - Om Nom Ally

Raspberry & Peach Refresher

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Featured Links | Guidelines | Links + Add Your Own | Ally’s Smoothie OTW Welcome to week two of the Smoothie OTW Link-Up! I’d like to wish a big thank you to all the wonderful readers who came to check out the first event and hopefully found some recipe inspiration. Thank you also to the fabulous bloggers who participated last …

High Protein Berry Mousse @OmNomAlly made with protein-rich quark or cottage cheese and your favourite fresh or frozen berries!

High Protein Berry Mousse

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I think that anyone who trains regularly has figured out that their diet is just as important as the exercise they are undertaking. You can lift all the weights you want, but if you’re not fuelling your muscles then you’re missing out on half the equation. I’m not talking about artificially sweetened and flavoured protein bars or wonder powders either. …