How (I Failed) to Make Mint Extract @OmNomAlly | "This is supposed to be easy, right?"

How (I Failed) To Make Mint Extract

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Making flavouring extracts is supposed to be insanely easy, yet I’ve just wasted experimented with 2 bottles of vodka making mint extract recently. It all started out well enough – I read a few blogs, gathered my ingredients and got about infusing my vodka. It’s easy stuff in theory, bruise a whole lot of fresh mint leaves to release those delightful oils, pack into …

How To Dehydrate Bay Leaves @OmNomAlly

How to Dehydrate Bay Leaves

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Until recently I didn’t really have a need to dehydrate bay leaves as I had a bay tree in the backyard. More like a baby shrub really, in a large terracotta pot. Bay is probably my all-time favourite herb and it gets the most mileage out of any herb or spice in our kitchen. Then, as often happens in my …

Mexican Chilli-Rubbed Steak with Corn Salsa @ Om Nom Ally

Mexican Chilli-Rubbed Steak with Corn Salsa

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So here we are, two weeks into 2015 already! Where does the time go? My past couple of  weeks have been filled with family visits, catch-ups with friends and lots of relaxation – some things I never seem to find time for the rest of the year! Having my parents in Melbourne for a week was fantastic (though not long …

Homemade Taco Seasoning @OmNomAlly | Who needs store-bought taco seasoning when you can DIY from spices you already own? No additives, no fillers, no CRAP.

DIY Homemade Taco Seasoning

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A good spice mix can transform the most simple wholefood meals into a gastronomical delight. I buy my spices in bulk, not only so I can pop a pinch of this and a dash of that into my saucepan, but to create handy spice mixes for the meals we enjoy over and over. There’s always some basic mixed herbs in my pantry, …

5 Spice Mixes to Gift This Christmas | Om Nom Ally

Five Spice Mixes for Christmas Gifting (Recipe Redux)

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Spice mixes can lift the most boring of meals to something truly special. This piece of knowledge can be very handy if, like me, you make the same quick ‘n’ easy meals most nights. I buy my herbs and spices in bulk from this company, then I spend a little time refilling small single spice jars or making up a …

Om Nom Ally Garlic-and-Celery-Salt

Home-made Garlic and Celery Salt

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I have a habit of getting excited about something I’m going to do in the kitchen, telling everyone on social media to keep an eye out for it… and then forgeting to share it. I could make excuses for my behaviour (I work full time, I study full time) but it’s really just plain forgetfulness and too many thoughts rattling …