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Whole Celery, Potato and Chickpea Soup

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I’m a lover of the discarded, unloved greens of everyday vegetables. Carrot tops? I make a mean carrot-top pesto. Beet leaves? Try my Whole Beet Juice with Apple, Celery & Ginger. Celery leaves? Don’t you dare throw those out – they’re delicious! I’ve already extolled the health benefits of celery leaves when I pleaded with you all the make some …

Whole Beet Juice with Apple, Celery & Ginger

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Happy Australia Day to my fellow Aussies! Hope you’re having a lovely day of sunshine, beachtime and picnics 🙂 In terms of blogging (and besides a midweek recipe post), I had a week of silence this past week. This was all due to exams and lots of assignments due, so you’ll have to excuse me for the lateness in catching …

Om Nom Ally Garlic-and-Celery-Salt

Home-made Garlic and Celery Salt

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I have a habit of getting excited about something I’m going to do in the kitchen, telling everyone on social media to keep an eye out for it… and then forgeting to share it. I could make excuses for my behaviour (I work full time, I study full time) but it’s really just plain forgetfulness and too many thoughts rattling …