Raw Cacao & Coconut Panforte @OmNomAlly - #Glutenfree #paleo #vegan #raw – this Raw Cacao Panforte is perfect for every holiday table.

Raw Cacao & Coconut Panforte (The Recipe Redux)

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I look forward to this event every month: It’s time to make some raw panforte for Recipe Redux! I may not have been part of the Recipe Redux sharing community for all that long, but it certainly surprised me that the group has been around for 4.5 years! To celebrate and reflect on this milestone, as well as the holiday season, the recipe …

Healthy Christmas Cookies 2013

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A few days ago I posted my surprise that it was so close to Christmas already – this holiday is creeping up on me and I’m feeling as giddy as a child waiting for Santa as I prepare to head home to see family! Before things quieten down here though I’ve got 18 fantastic reasons to be excited about the …

Raw Gingerbread Men - Om Nom Ally

Raw Gingerbread Men

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14 days until Christmas, that’s crazy right? I’m generally  a bit blase about holidays but am very excited this year as Kam and I are heading to Sydney next weekend. This will be my first Christmas with my family since I moved down here and it’s also my first visit back home in two years. I feel really slack after …

5 Spice Mixes to Gift This Christmas | Om Nom Ally

Five Spice Mixes for Christmas Gifting (Recipe Redux)

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Spice mixes can lift the most boring of meals to something truly special. This piece of knowledge can be very handy if, like me, you make the same quick ‘n’ easy meals most nights. I buy my herbs and spices in bulk from this company, then I spend a little time refilling small single spice jars or making up a …

Steamed Banana Pudding

Steamed Banana Pudding + How To Videos

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One thing I’ve always been unsure of (and intrigued by) though is steamed puddings. I make a mean self-saucing pudding, it’s so simple I can do it with my eyes closed. But put a steamed pudding recipe in front of me and I get quite flummoxed and confused by the instructions. I also know there are pudding steamer contraptions available, …