50 Sources of Plant-Based Ptotein (No Meat Required)!

50 Sources of Plant Based Protein (NO Meat Necessary)

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50 Sources of Plant-Based Ptotein (No Meat Required)!


What content do you ‘Pin’ most frequently on Pinterest? While mine is mostly a mish mash of thousands of catagorised real food recipes and natural health tips, it’s also the health infographics that I spend time actively searching for and ‘Pinning’.

The image in this post is exactly the kind of infographic I’m talking about and I was was keen as mustard to start sharing when it arrived in my inbox with a friendly note attached from Healthy.co.id, asking if I wanted to show it off with my readers. We could all benefit from more plant based protein sources in our diet and as many vegetarians know, one of the most common questions you hear is, “but how do you get your protein?!” – it comes up time and time again. Many people think you will just wither away if you don’t eat meat and cheese.  

Not only is it possible to get enough protein as a vegetarian, but many people have also excelled athletically using a meatless diet. The tennis sister superstars, Venus and Serena Williams, decided to go full vegan about 4 years ago. Brandan Brazier is an award winning triathlete who benefits from plant-based nutrition. David Carter is a 300 pound lineman in the NFL who maintains his physique without meat, you can check him out on his Instagram page where he shares his vegan lifestyle and drool-worthy food pics.

Even if you’re not a pro athlete there are many benefits to eating more plant based proteins as they’re lower in saturated fat than animal proteins, easy to digest and you’ll do a favor to the environment by cutting down your carbon footprint. These reasons (and more) are why I’m so glad Healthy.co.id has put together an infographic on 50 Sources of Plant Based Protein you can add to your diet today (no meat necessary)! See it below and Pin, Share and Tweet it out. Because you can never have enough plant foods in your diet!

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