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Looking for a post-gym snack or an alternative to chocolate for that mid-arvo slump? Protein-rich snacks fuel your muscles and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Commercial protein snacks are often loaded with artificial flavours and sweeteners, soy protein isolate and loads of other ‘food-like products’. Why pay lots of money for fake-food when your home-made goodies will pack in the protein and still make you feel great!

Whether you’re after recipes using various kinds of protein powder or protein-rich dairy products, there’s going to be a protein ball, bar, cookie or mousse for every craving! I guarantee you’ll like these better than any gym protein bar.

All recipes specify their suitability for different dietary needs.

DF = dairy free    EF = egg free    GF = gluten (and wheat) free    GrF = grain free  NF = nut free
SF = soy free    WF = Wheat free   Veg = vegetarian    V = vegan   Raw = raw food
Asterisk (e.g. GF) denotes recipe can be suitable for dietary needs with some substitution.

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