Top 8 Most Popular Posts of 2015 @OmNomAlly

Top 8 Most Popular Posts of 2015

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Another year is about to pass us by already? I can’t believe it either. 2015 went by in a blur for me – and it certainly had it’s ups and downs! While a few things in my life were a bit choppy and change-y (employment, health), one constant joy throughout it all though has been this running this website. You have …

Chicken Caesar Salad with Oven Baked Chicken Bacon & Garlic Croutons @OmNomAlly

Chicken Caesar Salad with Baked Chicken, Bacon & Garlic Croutons

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I’ve had some fabulous news recently – mum and dad are coming to visit in a few weeks for my birthday (January 4th), woohoo! Kam and I spent Christmas in Sydney with last year, but unfortunately it wasn’t an option again this year to make the trip. I had started at looking at flights for the start of January instead, but mum has …

Sourdough Banana Choc Nib Waffles | Om Nom Ally

Making a Sourdough Starter – Day 7 + Sourdough Banana Choc Nib Waffles

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By now you’re probably sick of looking at my jar of sourdough starter – and the good news is that I won’t bore you with it again today! Truth be told there isn’t much change to show off anyway; though I’m very excited that we’re ready to start baking tomorrow. Wish me luck! Today we’re going to start using the discarded amount …

Cheater's Chia Strawberry Jam @OmNomAlly

Instant Strawberry Chia Jam

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 I came into 2013 with very high hopes of more free time and therefore more time for blogging. No, I’m not about to let you down and announce the weekly post has become a bi-monthly post, but things have changed quite a bit lately and I’m still attempting to settle into a new routine. I’m getting there, but hence the …