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Smoothie OTW Link-Up

Smoothie OTW will be commencing every Sunday @ 12pm

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About Smoothie OTW | Included Topics | Guidelines | Buttons | Past/Current Link-Ups

Smoothie OTW Link-Up - Om Nom Ally

About Smoothie OTW

The motto of the Smoothie OTW Link-Up is “I drink real food!”.

Smoothie of the Week (OTW) began as a weekly social media feature (#SmoothieOTW) for highlighting my favourite home-made smoothie recipes. My goal now is to create an inspirational meeting place to share recipes, health knowledge and personal journeys about drinking real food.

Feel free to post your real drink recipes, share wellness advice, find new blogs and meet new people. I’ll be posting a recipe weekly as well, and selecting 3 entries to highlight from the previous week’s post. Also please freely share this page (or the latest Smoothie OTW Link-Up) with anyone who would be interested –

We’re having a healthy blender, juicer and kettle party and everyone is invited!

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Included Topics

  • Recipes for smoothies, juices, teas and tissanes, blender soup, fermented drinks, home remedy beverages and any other home-made beverages.
  • How-To and DIY guides for making any recipes above or shopping guides for necessary equipment.
  • Nutritional information regarding ingredients or benefits of smoothies, juicing, herbal tea properties, fermented beverages etc.
  • Promoting or discussing personal progress with smoothie/juicing challenges.
  • Any other posts that relate to the proclamation of “I drink real food!”

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Smoothie OTW Link-Up Guidelines:

  1. This link party will start at 12pm Sundays and end at 8pm Thursdays (AEST).
  2. Enter up to 3 links on relavent topics (see above). The post may be your newest, or from your archive – it doesn’t matter, we want to see it! Linked recipes should focus on wholefood, unrefined and unprocessed ingredients.
  3. Link to your specific post for each entry, not the main page of your blog. Enter your post description in the “NAME” space on this form (not YOUR name). Please do not add links that promote giveaways, online shops or other link parties.
  4. You must link back to the party, either through a text link or button on your post (available below in two sizes). Leave a comment on the link-up page if you like and visit some other posted links that pique your interest – it’s a community event after-all! Mentioning the link-up on social media is encouraged and will help this event grow to build a strong community based on real food recipes.
  5. Every week I will pick 3 posts to feature on the Smoothie OTW Link-Up post. By entering your link, you are giving permission to use any part of your post (including images) in a spotlight on Om Nom Ally. Proper credit and links will always be given to you. Posts are also promoted on the Om Nom Ally social media channels and added to the Smoothie OTW Pinterest board.

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Past and Current Link-Ups

Posts are organised in reverse chronology (newest first).

alternate textSmoothie OTW (0) November 3, 2013

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Comments 2

  1. Hi There! There are 3 recipes in this post –

    Pear, Kale, Kiwi fruit and Coconut Smoothie

    Banana, Berry, LSA and Pomegranite Smoothie

    Cucumber, alfalfa, spirulina and apple Smoothie

    All very scrumptious and very healthy!

    Thanks so much for taking a look. Love the idea of a smoothie link-up! Discovered you on the blog chicks facebook page, will throw a link back on this post.

    Emma from Chamomile and Peppermint xxx

    1. Post

      Hi Emma 😀 Thanks for the comment, these smoothies sounds really delicious! Did you want me to add some posts to the link-up on your behalf (as I can’t see anything linked up). I clicked your link too to see them, but the link you left with your comment is taking me to a 404 page.
      Please feel free to link any recipes up that you want, or let me know if you would like me to do it for you. Talk soon I hope 🙂 Love your blog!

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