Healthy Every Day - Pete Evans (Book Review) @ Om Nom Ally

Healthy Every Day by Pete Evans (Cookbook Review)

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Yes, this book does have a recipe for activated nuts (teeheehee). I’ve been wondering this week how Pete Evans will cope with hosting the upcoming 2015 series of MKR, with all the inevitable gluten, refined sugar and dairy-laden recipes. I wasn’t surprised when I read he quit the hosting gig shortly after the close of last year’s season, as he’s recently …

Product Review - Enjo Cleaning Products

Product Review: Enjo Kitchen Care

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As a huge proponent of natural and homemade wellness products, the dangerous chemicals in many household cleaning products are very concerning to me. I’ve often seen advertisements for Enjo products advertised, but never really knew what they were (me: “It’s just a cleaning cloth, right?”). I was approached recently with the offer to try out their exciting Kitchen Care range …

Optimum 9200 Blender

Product Review: Optimum 9200 Blender

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Let me start this review by saying the Optimum 9200 is the best blender I have ever owned… and I’ve been through a few of them. The most memorable blender-blunder was a Breville model I broke with a errant medjool date pit. There was a horrid ‘crunch’ and then ‘pop’ sound and from that point on I had to hold …

Natren Home-made Yoghurt

How To Make Thick, Pot-Set Yoghurt with Natren Yoghurt Starter

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This stuff is UNREAL. It’s hardly surprising to hear that many people get confused about which yoghurt to eat and with that in mind I like to put yoghurt into 3 categories. There is supermarket yoghurt (‘low-fat’, ‘diet’, ‘sugar-free’; gelatine, pectin or artificial colours and flavours added), natural yoghurt (Greek, organic, full cream or naturally pot-set) and then there is …