Om Nom Ally - Grain-free Pear Scones

Grain-free Spiced Pear Scones

Alison Murray Recipes 4 Comments

Breath that scent in. Deeply. I just adore the combination of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. That’s why I drink chai everyday. It makes me happy in a way I can’t quite wrap words around. Scones are another thing that makes me happy – that one I can express more easily as it’s definitely a textural thing. These spiced scones …

Alison MurrayGrain-free Spiced Pear Scones
Om Nom Ally - Chocolate, Raisin & Blueberry Scones

Chocolate, Raisin & Blueberry Scones

Alison Murray Recipes 7 Comments

Aren't scones fabulous? I never make plans to bake scones; it's always on a whim that I undertake them as lazy weekend cooking adventure. Requiring a few basic ingredients, scones only take about 20 minutes of your time and very little effort. Except for robbing chopped butter into the flour; that takes a little gumption and patience. While there is ...
Alison MurrayChocolate, Raisin & Blueberry Scones
Banana Scones

Banana Scones

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What could be better for a Sunday brunch than some rich, flaky and cakey Banana Scones? Sundays are Kam's and my shared weekend day. While he has Saturday off to chillax, and I have Monday/Tuesday to study my brains out, we enjoy lazy lunches, puppy park playtime and home movie marathons on our Sundays together. It's a 9.30am wakeup (instead ...
Alison MurrayBanana Scones