Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Bread | Om Nom Ally

Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Bread + Home-made Savoury Pumpkin Puree

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While discussing my favourite foods with a friend from LA recently I discovered some generalities about Americans and Australians – notably that many residents of the US don’t seem to find a savoury pumpkin dish enticing while myself and many Australian’s find it hard to grasp this popular vegetable as a dessert ingredient. Pumpkin with cinnamon and nutmeg? Puh-lease! Pass me the salt, …

Alison MurraySpicy Roasted Pumpkin Bread + Home-made Savoury Pumpkin Puree
Raw Walnut-Goji Brownie Bites | Om Nom Ally

Raw Walnut-Goji Brownie Bites

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I intensely regret making these delicious, decadent raw brownie bites – they were so fudgey and fabulous that I’ve had to hide some in the freezer so Kam and I don’t eat them all at once! I’m a sucker for anything ‘chocolate’ and these cacao snack balls are a rich-yet-healthier option for those pesky 3pm cravings. High in nutrients? Tick. Vegan, raw and paleo? …

Alison MurrayRaw Walnut-Goji Brownie Bites
Gut Healing Vegetable Stock |Om Nom Ally

Gut Healing Vegetable Stock

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I’m totally committed to my monthly ritual of making home-made stock on the stovetop or slowcooker. Sometimes it’s a flavourful chicken stock or a beef bone broth that I’m cackling over in my kitchen cauldron; other times it’s this flavourful vegetable stock that I’m simmering away. It’s become a ‘must have’ and if I run out I get very upset …

Alison MurrayGut Healing Vegetable Stock
Wholefood Blender Party | Om Nom Ally

ATTN: The Wholefood Blender Party Has Ended

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So, what’s happened? It hasn’t been an easy decision, but for the foreseeable future the Wholefood Blender Party has unfortunately been benched. Mostly I haven’t been able to put in the effort and time the party needed to maintain momentum and interest. Feel free to blame full-time work and my desire to study a few different health related fields at the same …

Alison MurrayATTN: The Wholefood Blender Party Has Ended
Slow Cooker Pork & Noodle Soup | Om Nom Ally

Slow Cooker Pork & Noodle Soup

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I’ve learnt this week that talking about copyright infringement on Facebook is an area fraught with danger. While Facebook fighting is a widespread and well-known issue, I’m honestly amazed by the vitriol I received after questioning a  group I’m in about the practice of copy-pasting from blogs, due to copyright concerns and Facebook terms of service issues. The situation has been resolved thankfully, but certainly wasn’t …

Alison MurraySlow Cooker Pork & Noodle Soup
Fiery Beetroot Dip with Feta & Salty Seeded Crackers | Om Nom Ally

Fiery Beetroot Dip with Feta + Salty Seeded Rosemary Crackers

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I feel like such a let-down of a blogger lately. Ever since I started this blog I’ve been told I become very animated and excited when I talk about my little corner of the internet. But in 2014, life has gotten in the way of my favourite hobby and I’ve only been around in small fits and starts. I’ve actually noticed a …

Alison MurrayFiery Beetroot Dip with Feta + Salty Seeded Rosemary Crackers