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How to Make A Gel Egg (Egg Substitutes) for Egg-free Baking

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If you regularly read this blog, it’s no secret that I enjoy baking. Now, I’m not allergic to eggs and I don’t find them loathsome – I love eggs! I do however use recipes for a gel egg as another way to include a range of wholefood ingredients in my diet; each with their own nutritional benefits. These different substitutes …

Instant Blood Plum Chia jam @OmNomAlly. This Raw, Vegan, Paleo and Sugar Free condiment is the easiest jam you'll ever make! Chia seed jams are magic!

Instant Blood Plum Chia Jam

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There’s been a lot of emails with photo attachments in my inbox lately. It seems  that many of you loved the Cheater’s (Chia) Strawberry Jam so much that simply saying it wasn’t good enough. I received 10 photos of comprising of a collection of happy little jam jars, kids with strawberry-chia smears all over their faces and a few pieces …

Strawberry-Goji Muesli

Grain-free Strawberry & Goji Muesli

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While you may think making a choice of breakfast cereal or muesli in the supermarket aisle is difficult, it’s even harder making the choice of ingredients for your own home blend. You could make a million different mixes depending on what’s in the pantry and it can be quite hard to constrain yourself to 5 or 6 add-ins at times. …

Mini Gingerbread Loaves

Ultra Ginger Sticky Loaves

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A lucky workmate is heading overseas at the end of this month, for 6 months. This recipe was a celebration and a farewell; I just had to do some baking to share around at work on her last day. I’ve been craving moist, dense gingerbread for a while now and this occasion seemed like the perfect excuse. Afterall, I don’t …