Almond & Cacao Freezer Protein Balls

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Nothing beats a homemade energy or protein ball as a quick, easy and delicious snack! With only five ingredients (and the optional added natural sweeteners), these protein balls are always one of my favourite frozen treats. Yes, you heard me, we’re chilling out with our protein snacks today, as these babies are made with a big whack of high protein, superfood quark …

High Protein Berry Mousse @OmNomAlly made with protein-rich quark or cottage cheese and your favourite fresh or frozen berries!

High Protein Berry Mousse

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I think that anyone who trains regularly has figured out that their diet is just as important as the exercise they are undertaking. You can lift all the weights you want, but if you’re not fuelling your muscles then you’re missing out on half the equation. I’m not talking about artificially sweetened and flavoured protein bars or wonder powders either. …

Date & Oat Protein Cookies

Oat & Date Protein Cookies

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What you eat before your workout is just as important as your post gym meal or shake. Not only is protein something to enjoy before you head out the door in your spunky gym outfit but you need slow release carbs to keep your energy levels up. There’s nothing worse that striking out halfway through that spin class, weights set …

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

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These are the cookies that Kam always asks me to bake for him – which I too often ignore/deflect/forget. I think these are also one of the first recipes/foodblogs that I bookmarked when I discovered TasteSpotting and FoodGawker at the start of last year when I was enjoying having my own kitchen finally again. I’ve played around with the recipe …