High Protein Berry Mousse @OmNomAlly made with protein-rich quark or cottage cheese and your favourite fresh or frozen berries!

High Protein Berry Mousse

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I think that anyone who trains regularly has figured out that their diet is just as important as the exercise they are undertaking. You can lift all the weights you want, but if you’re not fuelling your muscles then you’re missing out on half the equation. I’m not talking about artificially sweetened and flavoured protein bars or wonder powders either. …

Raw Choc Cherry Pudding

Raw Choc-Cherry Pudding

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Happy New Year everyone! I put a lot of thought into my first post of 2013 (well, second after 2012 favourites post). I thought a healthy salad, smoothie or soup would go very appropriately with all the weight-loss, detox and healthy-eating resolutions being made around the world. Then I thought “Nawww stuff it!”, and made pudding. In my defence, it’s …