Om Nom Ally - Raw Instant Apple Sauce

Instant Raw Applesauce

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Applesauce is always one of those handy ingredients to always keep in the kitchen. It’s delicious on it’s own as a raw snack and particularly indispensable for all kinds of low-fat, egg-free or vegan baking adventures, yet it’s also one of those ingredients that never makes it into my shopping basket. Why buy an expensive jar of applesauce when you …

Natren Home-made Yoghurt

How To Make Thick, Pot-Set Yoghurt with Natren Yoghurt Starter

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This stuff is UNREAL. It’s hardly surprising to hear that many people get confused about which yoghurt to eat and with that in mind I like to put yoghurt into 3 categories. There is supermarket yoghurt (‘low-fat’, ‘diet’, ‘sugar-free’; gelatine, pectin or artificial colours and flavours added), natural yoghurt (Greek, organic, full cream or naturally pot-set) and then there is …