Sourdough Bread for Beginners - Om Nom Ally

Sourdough Bread for Beginners

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All week I’ve been awaiting this moment.  While playing with a jar of flour and water was fun and games, after seven days of feedings, stirrings, sour smells, bubbles and a batch of waffles I’m ready to bake up some bread. Even if it takes me all day to do it! Jokes aside, this recipe fits into my preferred method …

Making a Sourdough Culture From Scratch - Day 3 |Om Nom Ally

Making a Sourdough Starter From Scratch – Day 3

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I’m really enjoying this little sourdough journey! I wonder what other projects we could do in progressive installments? I’ve occasionally had US readers ask if I can mail them scobies (but I’m not able to send them overseas). So perhaps we’ll try growing a SCOBY from bought bottle of kombucha? I’m keen if you are! I’ve also been fielding a few …