Coconut & Cinnamon Apple Crumble

Cinnamon & Coconut Apple Crumble

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I always try to buy seasonal produce where possible. It's fresher, it's certainly cheaper and it supports local farmers (instead of eating imported and treated produced from goodness knows where). I don't remember this all off by heart, so I've collected a fair few resources over time. At the moment we're right smack bang in apple season. Even though you ...
Alison MurrayCinnamon & Coconut Apple Crumble
Chocolate Ricotta Protein Brownie

Home-made Protein Brownies

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The most popular post on my blog is by far my Home-made Protein Cookies. It far outshines the stats of any other post on Om Nom Ally, and I love that I'm not the only one that hungers for an alternative to the artificial (and expensive) protein snacks on the market. So why a ricotta based chocolate protein brownie? It's ...
Alison MurrayHome-made Protein Brownies
Spiced Fig & Buckwheat Bars

Spiced Fig & Buckwheat Bars

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I've been in Melbourne for 3 years now, and I'm no less homesick. I often wake up with the biggest urge to bus my way to the city to chill out at Darling Harbour, shop the length of George Street, or traipse Glebe Markets. I often feel sad that I don't feel that same passion for Melbourne and still don't ...
Alison MurraySpiced Fig & Buckwheat Bars