Golden Kiwi Almond Shake

Golden Kiwi Almond Shake

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We managed to spend $165 dollars for less than one minute of locksmith work this week. This is the joy of locking yourself out of the house together trying to find out what the people lurking in front of your house with torches are doing. Things we have learnt: Ally - Pick up your keys before you walk outside because ...
Alison MurrayGolden Kiwi Almond Shake
Black Bean Brownies

Fudgy Black Bean Brownies

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I get so excited when trying new ingredients and making a complete mess in the kitchen. Lately I've been enjoying the expanded availability of Bob's Red Mill products in Australia with the opportunity to try three flours (sorghum, teff and black bean) and creating a recipe pamphlet for customers at work. Out of the three new products I bought the ...
Alison MurrayFudgy Black Bean Brownies