cacao molasses oats 2

Cacao Molasses Oats

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I love making to-do lists. Pretty boring start to a yummy breakfast post eh? Without my A5 diary though, or all the notepads strategically placed around our house, I'd never get anything purposeful done. Including making delicious and well thought out meals, snacks and treats hehe. My brain is always running on full power you see, it's cyclic and over-filled ...
Alison MurrayCacao Molasses Oats
Strawberry Yoghurt Spelt Bread

Strawberry Yoghurt Spelt Bread

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There seems to be a lot of sniffles going on again lately, Kam's not well, I was BLAH the other day and everyone I knew feels really drawn and tired. Decidedly not good. *wills sickness to go away for good* I also had to duck off to the mailbox at our old apartment the other day to get some mail ...
Alison MurrayStrawberry Yoghurt Spelt Bread
Leek, Zucchini and Tomato Frittata

Summer Vegetable Frittata

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Now I'm aware that it's winter here in Melbourne and I should be focussing on what's in season... but I have a problem when I see recipes I like. I need to try them right now, 10minutes ago, last night! It's never soon enough once I start craving something yummy. This recipe is from the July edition of the US ...
Alison MurraySummer Vegetable Frittata
Cinnamon Quinoa Milk

Cinnamon Quinoa Milk

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I recently got myself a nut milk bag. I sprout constantly, have attempted a sourdough culture and I really love making coconut milk kefir. But my own non-dairy milks? Now that I hadn’t done. Nothing much happened with my new purchase at first. As excited as I was, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to make. Now?  I’m thoroughly addicted. …

Alison MurrayCinnamon Quinoa Milk
Carrot and Broccoli Vegetable Dumplings

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

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I have a great boyfriend. Only he would go out the day of a dinner party and buy me a bamboo steamer at the last minute to make dumplings. He’s such a good sport putting up with my every food whim! I’m so appreciative that he did though, because my first attempt at steamed dumplings (and actually at dumplings in …

Alison MurraySteamed Vegetable Dumplings