Lightly Curried Cruciferous Soup

Lightly Curried Cruciferous Soup

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How sweet, Kam brought me home some flowers...... Yes they are flowers - well the immature flower heads to be exact - and while they aren't the prettiest and most colourful blooms for my kitchen table vase, they are pretty amazing on my plate! Rich in antioxidant vitamin C and detoxification boosting isothiocyanates, the tightly packed florets of these brassica ...
nomallyLightly Curried Cruciferous Soup
Cashew-Broccoli Stirfry

Cashew Broccoli Stirfry

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Someone asked me the other day if I ever really have time off, and the answer would be a resounding no. It's also usually the way I like it. I study hard, work, cook, clean, garden and blog. I read, I research and my brain is always active. If you're hanging out with me on the weekend lately, and ask ...
nomallyCashew Broccoli Stirfry
Raw Mango Lassi

Raw Mango Lassi

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I always whinge that mango is such a messy fruit to eat. That's why t I love throwing it in smoothies to bypass the "fruit juice all over my hands" stage of enjoying a ripe mango for dessert. If you’ve seen my Cinnamon Quinoa Milk recipe, you’ll remember my joy at discovering the simplicity of home-made non-dairy milk production. While ...
Alison MurrayRaw Mango Lassi
Gingered Butternut Pumpkin Soup

Ginger Butternut Pumpkin Soup

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I've got a bit of a love affair with the Cucurbitaceae family. Whether it's consuming lots of pumpkin in a myriad of dishes, or collecting packets of different seeds, I really love the squash family of plants! Currently in my big patio pots I've got a vast array of their seedlings maturing slowly - three types of pumpkin (Golden Nugget, ...
Alison MurrayGinger Butternut Pumpkin Soup